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Vehicle Department

Rigorous 40-Point Inspection

All cars undergo a rigorous 40-point inspection and all deficiencies are repaired prior to selling. Most cars come with a standard 90 day in-house warranty.These are good, clean, dependable used cars at "bargain prices". Come check them out when your in the market for a used vehicle. We can even help you arrange financing through one of our local banks. Thank you for looking!

Specializing in Pre-owned Hondas

We sell used Hondas and other vehicles from our dealership in Omaha, Nebraska that are thoroughly inspected and guaranteed. We are Omaha, Nebraska's best value used Honda auto dealer. Some of our used cars are regular "clean title" vehicles but most were insurance loss vehicles (PSTV) with light to moderate damage. These repaired (PSTV) vehicles are exceptional values, in many cases priced thousands $ less than other comparable used vehicles. They are completely repaired to better than pre-accident condition: all work is performed in-house by our expert collision repair staff and we guarantee all repairs on these vehicles.

Standard 90-Day Warranty

Buy with confidence, most of our cars are sold with a standard 90-day bumper to bumper warranty, no surprises.

*Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) regarding previously salvaged title vehicles (PSTV).