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Prior Salvage Faq

Q. Prior Salvage/ PSTV (Previously Salvage Title Vehicle) what does this mean?
This means the vehicle was involved in an insurance claim and instead of being repaired it was sold as salvage and a Salvage Title was obtained by the insurance company. After repairs are made to the vehicle it is inspected by the state and a new Original Title is issued with a notation (legend) that the vehicle has previously had a salvage title. This is called a branded title and this information stays with the title for the life of the vehicle.

Q. Are PSTV legal?
Yes, completely. It is still an original title for all legal purposes, but is branded as having a prior salvage history.

Q. Are previously salvage titled vehicles (PSTV) insurable?
Yes, most insurance companies write standard policies for PSTV.

Q. Can I get a loan for a PSTV?
Yes, although some banks many not issue loans for PSTV, many banks do. We have a list of banks that are happy to do so.

Q. Can the PSTV be traded or resold?
Yes, although some new car dealers will not accept PSTV trades, others will. You can trade at most used car dealers or easily sell the vehicle yourself.

Q. What is a PSTV worth?
Most industry experts agree that a properly repaired and maintained PSTV is worth approximately 75% of retail value while a poorly repaired PSTV can be work as little as 50% of retail value. Our vehicles are repaired to high standards and most are in better condition than other comparable used vehicles. Also, as the car ages a PSTV designation becomes less of an issue.

Q. Is there a guarantee?
Yes, a 90-day limited warranty on the vehicle. Additionally, we completely guarantee all repairs made to the PSTV.

Q. What was damaged and repaired?
We will gladly explain what was damaged and what repairs where performed on the PSTV. All repairs are professionally done in-house by our own certified technicians.